AIA Convention 2010 Miami – Call for Presentations

Miami attests to the power of design on every level. Likewise, the AIA 2010 convention theme presentations over its three primary days will focus on the critical role of design on an ever-widening scale or context:


Building design

The architect focuses primarily on the scale of individual buildings—housing, schools, health-care facilities, public and private projects—where materials, technologies, typologies, interior space, sustainability, affordability, and preservation come most specifically into play.  


City design

Architects’ decisions affect physical space far beyond any one site, involving myriad infrastructure, planning, and ecological issues to serve clients in a range of civic capacities on the neighborhood, community, municipal, and regional scales. More than 50 percent of the world’s people now live in cities, reinforcing the city as the primary platform for architecture.


Global design

Many architects, from sole practitioners to those in large interdisciplinary firms, now work internationally. Emerging digital technologies, global talent pools, and the changing political landscape will reinforce the worldwide value and impact of architects’ design expertise

These primary subthemes are the weft through which a number of AIA convention threads—sustainability, diversity, professional practice, technologies, leadership, communities, typologies, and others—will be woven.


Click here for the full proposal.


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