ACCEPTED – Miami AIA 2010

We haev been accepted by the programming committee to present a program in Miami next June. The program we’re presenting is called:

Design Your Network of Mentors

Connect with Diverse Women in Design

The nature of the construction industry has always been collaborative; building is a matter of team work. The people we meet or with whom we work facilitate project completion or generate career opportunities. People form long-term relationships, based on common background, interests, or goals, with specific individuals. Architecture, in particular, has always been a profession that has advanced by apprenticeship; mentoring happens on a daily basis.  While emerging professionals seek out guidance to help navigate the uncertainties of advancing a career path, seasoned practitioners require insight into current trends and new technologies in the workforce.  Many local AIA chapters have instituted structured mentoring programs that develop local networks of support; with this event, the Women in Architecture Committee  aims to connect women from across the country. Attendees will be broken into groups of four or five and given some time to network with other practitioners.  The groups will rotate so every participant is exposed to a variety of perspectives within the field.  Women are encouraged to serve as both mentor and mentee – offer advice, share knowledge and experiences, and talk about career goals, work life balance issues, and advancing in the workplace. The goal is to develop a network that provides support to women and helps sustain them in the workplace.  We provide the opportunity to make contact with people that offer a different perspective and can speak objectively in an intimate environment. 

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