WIA to present at AIA NYS Convention – Rochester

Rebuild New York 2009


– the epicenter of a community, and a reflection of professional collaboration.

Every municipality, regardless of whether it is urban, rural, suburban, a planned community, large or small, affluent or poor, has a main street. Often defined as the principal street that sets the character and pulse of the community, it is both a reflection of the economic and social foundations, and a physical summation of an area’s distinct history and cultural evolution. Long before ‘integrated design’ became fashionable, and the norm in many instances, design professionals were collaborating to shape the context and fabric of our main streets.

The theme of this convention is established by all of us who strive to design functional, people oriented buildings and spaces that reflect the needs, personality and character of a community. The design disciplines represented at this convention embody the collective talents necessary to create successful, built environments.

Through our efforts in the built environment, we bring critical balance to our environment for the well being of a community. Whether the priority is public safety, the preservation of neighborhoods, historical context, planning for a sustainable future, creating smart, invigorating designs responding to market demand, targeting the redevelopment of deteriorated buildings and spaces, or upgrading the infrastructure to improve the health and environment, all design disciplines share the responsibility of being stewards of our built and natural environment.

Main Streets recognizes that professional collaboration linked with effective continuing education and engaging, deliberate discussion is a powerful tool, and is one that affords the best opportunity to cultivate design leadership, learn and share strategies, technology, management tools, and best-practices necessary for design excellence in today’s world.


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