WIA presented at AIA NYS Convention in Rochester

WIA presented to a small audience at the AIA New York State Convention in Rochester – Mainstreets. This was the same program we presented in San Francisco at the National Convention in May.  Two of the speakers were not available to join us due to their own life events (talk about work/life balance!) so we reformatted the program to allow more time to interact with the audience.

We knew the New York State convention was going to be much smaller scale than the national event. We found out we had about 20 registrants and prepared the program to be delivered in a true roundtable format. The lack of time for questions and comments was a big issue in SF and we wanted to make sure we allowed for such this time around.

Interestingly, it was about a 50% split between men and women in attendance this time. Due to the new program format, attendees were able to ask questions and comment during the discussion, a great improvement from SF in May. The speakers shared life experiences and this in turn encouraged attendees to speak up and offer their own as well.

The powerpoint presentation outlines five main categories we believe is critical to succeeding/becoming a leader in any field/profession. Each point is relatively self-explanatory and I’m sure has been said at one time or another before. However, these are strategies/tools that all of our speakers (including SF) have utilized and/or recognized as contributing to their success.

PowerPoint presentation for Mainstreets-SA1509


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