Speed Mentoring – Nov 4 (TOMORROW!!)

We were just notified that the AIA’s RSVP system is down.  If you RSVP’d after 2:00 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 30, we are not aware of your registration status.*

 We will accommodate attendees not already on that list on a “first come first serve basis” until we reach the venue’s maximum of 60.  Space is limited.

We apologize for any inconvenince that this may cause.  Questions, etc., please let us know.

*If you were able to register after this date/time and have a confirmation e-mail stating this, please forward it to wia.nyc@gmail.com before 12:00 p.m. tomorrow (Wed., Nov. 4) so we can add you to our list. 

speed mentoring

Come join us at our third annual Speed Mentoring event on November 4th!

This is a social event similar to Speed Dating. The WIA committee provides an exciting and informative environment for women in the field of architecture to interact with one another. Each attendee will spend a set amount of time with practitioners of varying experience levels in a structured network setting. Throughout the evening, the groups will rotate, so every participant is exposed to a variety of perspectives within the field.

Women are encouraged to serve as both the mentor and the mentee — offer advice, share knowledge, and talk about career goals. A short presentation at the beginning of the event will inspire attendees to think “outside the box” about their current and future careers.

There will be a reception at the beginning and the end of the event to encourage continued discussion.


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