WIA Speed Mentoring 2010 – Exit Survey Results

We had 58 in attendance, out of which 45 responded to our exit survey:

27% were AIA
38% were AAIA
9% were Students
27% were Other

49% has 1-5 Years experience
13% has 6-10 Years experience
13% has 11-15 Years experience
20% has 15+ Years experience

38% are Licensed
62% are NOT Licensed

49% has had Formal Mentoring
47% has NOT had Formal Mentoring
42% has been a Mentor
53% has been Mentored
100% Liked the event
93% Will Participate again
4% Maybe Participate again
73% thought it was Enough time
24% thought it was NOT Enough time
93% thought the level of experience of mentors was ADEQUATE
29% has Mentoring at work
53% do NOT have Mentoring at work


  • Seeing the gap between experiences, next year we will look into combining the two middle experience groups into one.
  • Also, there were 27% identified as neither affiliated with AIA in any way nor students, next year we will clarify this item.
  • Follow up survey to verify how many people follow up

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