WIA Speed Mentoring 2010 – Photos

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Photo credits go to: Lori Cardeli and Motoko Shoboji


3 thoughts on “WIA Speed Mentoring 2010 – Photos

  1. These phots are wonderful and they remind me of journalistic style wedding photos – as I was unable to make it to the event, this helps me expereince it almost as if I have been there. The space at Miele is also very photogenic; I love the lighting. Congrats to the planners, everything was well thougth out, I love the numbers on the tables, the food was beautifully presented and I am sure it was of high quality and that it tasted great. As usual, I noted Nancy had a selection of recommended books next to her ……can those be posted here for us to see? Happy Holiday season to all. Peace on Earth and goodwill to man (& woman).

    1. Hi Vilhelmina,

      We’ll ask Nancy to give us a book list and post for everyone’s reference. Thanks for the suggestion!

      Happy holidays,

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