2011 AIA National Convention (New Orleans) Speed Mentoring List of Mentors

Sandra Benjamin, AIA                        STV, Inc.

Kate Diamond, AIA                             HMC Architects

Mary Dietz, AIA                                  Silverstein Properties

Katherine Dowdell, AIA                     Blackney Hayes Architects

Jane Frederick, AIA                           Frederick + Frederick Architects

Lynne Funk, AIA                                LFA Architects

Nancy Goshow, AIA                           Goshow Architects

Carol Kurth, FAIA                              The Office of Carol J.W. Kurth, FAIA Architect

Zlatka Lennihan, AIA                        STV, Inc.

Carol Loewensen, AIA                       Mitchell/Giurgola Architects

Debra Lupton, AIA                            TLC Engineering for Architecture

Ashley King Morton, AIA                 Trapolin-Peer Architects

Angela O’Bryne, AIA                         Perez, APC

Avani Parikh, AIA                             Avani Parikh Architecture

Paula May Peer, AIA                        Trapolin-Peer Architects

Katherine N. Peele, FAIA                 LS3P Associates

Ronnette Riley, FAIA                        Ronnette Riley Architect

Madlen Simon, AIA                           University of Maryland

Sherry Snipes, AIA                           AIA, Diversity & Inclusion

Charlotte Spencer Smith, AIA         C.Spencer Smith, AIA

Sharon Egretta Sutton, FAIA          University of Washington 

Lina Telese, Hon. AIA NY State      Zetlin & De Chiara LLP

Anne Zimmerman, AIA                    AZ Architecture Studio


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