NYC °Cool Roofs volunteer event was a success!

A big THANK YOU! to the volunteers who spent a beautiful Saturday morning at Beth Gospel Assembly in Harlem to paint nearly 30,000s.f. of roof in reflective paint.  NYC °CoolRoofs, an initiative of NYC Service and Department of Buildings, sent team leaders Anna Peach, Matthew Butler, Kevin Collins and Tori Edmistom to the site to teach the volunteers the technique of “cutting in” as we tackled the parapets before the flat roof.  We appreciate the hard working volunteers who got their hands dirty: Vishakha Apte, Sandra Benjamin, Tamyika Chester, Linnea Cook, Lucia Eastman, Lourd Galvez, Samantha Giorgio, Rebecca Jones, Nikoletta Stagias, Jen Stencel, Meri Tepper, Alex Villagomez , Cassie Walker and Jessica Yu. 

A reflective roof releases heat quickly, which combats the urban heat island effect and reduces a building’s interior temperature up to 30%. With a cooler internal temperature, air conditioning usage is lower and energy consumption, carbon emissions, and electricity bills are reduced. Additionally, a reflective surface prolongs the lifespan of both the roof and the cooling equipment by decreasing the thermal shock stress caused by extreme temperature changes.

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