WIA New Year Party 2016!

Congratulations to all the newly licensed architects of 2015 and to Rosalind Tsang, AIA, our WIA’s 6th Annual Recognition Award Winner. A big thanks to GE Monogram Design Center for hosting us.

Our newly licensed architects include:

Mary Manikis, AIA
Danei Cesario, AIA
Steven Dodds, AIA
Seth A. Rothman, AIA
Rosalind Tsang, AIA
Darlene Bowers, AIA
Rosario Durso, AIA
Wai-Ming Kuo, AIA
Christopher Jones, AIA
Anthony Neff, AIA
Wan-Li Fang, AIA
Joseph Arnow, AIA

Konstantinos Theodoropoulos, AIA
Elizabeth Stoel, AIA
William Clarke, AIA
Kerry Zucker, AIA
Pilsoo Maing, AIA
Elizabeth Chang, AIA
Rebecca Yurek, AIA
Nathan  Kozlowski, AIA
Kevin Kelly, AIA
Kenneth Stroop, AIA

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